Overcome your Fear of Public Speaking

Do you want to become a stronger public speaker and overcome your public speaking anxiety?

 Are you struggling to speaker better because of speech anxiety? 

If you are looking for a way to become a stronger speaker, check out our course - Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking!

Did you know that your personality type may provide answers to your fear of public speaking?

In this course you will find out how to overcome public speaking based on your Myers/Briggs Personality Type.

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking
Learn to become overcome speech anxiety!

Public speaking anxiety is real! Over 75% of the US population (and probably much more, world-wide) report fear of public speaking. This course will help you to overcome your fear of public speaking.

"I was terrified of public speaking. I was so anxious when I began the course. Now I can report that I am much more comfortable." Thank you Dr. Hargrett." ~ B. Walcott

Why are you so anxious?
Why are you so anxious?

Do you know why are you so anxious when you need to speak publicly. You will find out in this course!

You will learn how to come out of your shell.

Learn how to face your audience, come out of your shell and speak so that your audience hears you!


I needed to interview for a much-desired position. You (Dr. Hargrett) coached me step-by-step through the interview. You provided practical steps with a no-nonsense approach. You guided me by providing mock interview questions. I got the position!

Your tips are on point and have helped me frame my speaking engagements. Thank you for your insights and guidance!

I would recommend you and this course to anyone wanting practical and effective speaking strategies and skills!

Myers/Briggs Personality Indicator

We will examine public speaking fear based on your Myers/Briggs Personality Type.

Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert?

You will learn how your personality type affects your ability to speaking in public and you are provided with solutions based on your personality type.

Free personality type test and workbook is included in the course!

You will take a free personality type test to determine your Myers/Briggs personality type.

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