Carole Hargrett (Ph.D.) 

With over 20 years of experience in developing and presenting Public Speaking, and Career and Personal Development courses, training, and workshops in a college setting, I thought it was time to take what I have taught and learned to a wider audience. 

I am passionate about helping others succeed personally and professionally. I especially enjoy serving low-income and underserved populations. This is why I will always provide courses that have great value at reasonable prices!

I have written two books, Portfolio for Student Success and Minority Male Student Retention: What Works and Want Does Not! (Written under my previous name), and I am working on a new book, A Practical Approach to Effective Speech Communication that will be released shortly.

I am CEO of CDH Education Inc, a non-profit, education service provider company that produces and delivers Personal and Career Development workshops and training for various student populations.


Communication skills are invaluable assets that an individual, business owner or professional can have. More than a temporary feature on your CV, public speaking is a powerful skill, that once gained can improve your job, business, or career goals, exponentially! Register Now. Take the first step towards being a skilled and confident speaker!

Why Learn from CDH?

At CDH, you will not only discover the speaker in you, but you will also learn the art of persuasion, social intelligence, listening, and verbal skills that will help you master every social interaction or networking opportunity.

Register with us, and you will learn to:

·        Make your talk exciting and engaging

·        Control speech anxiety

·        Speak with confidence

·        Assess the audience’s needs

·        Get your audience involved


Discover and develop the speaker in you!